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Robert Mason

Presidential Primary Candidate 

for The Humane Party

About Robert

I'm a native Texan. In fact, as I was applying to colleges in the mid-nineties, US House Representative Sam Johnson (TX-3) wrote my congressional recommendation to the US Military Academy, and fellow Texans Ross Perot and Roger Staubach wrote my alumni recommendations to the US Naval Academy. I ultimately chose to attend the Virginia Military Institute, following in the footsteps of my grandfather. Family is important. So is community.


My adult life has been dedicated to pursuing experiences that I draw on to be a leader today. After 9/11, I enlisted in the Navy to serve my country. I turned vegetarian many years ago to set a positive example for my daughters, and after my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, I went full-vegan. Now it's time to help my country by making impactful decisions and setting a positive example in Washington, DC. 


Please, let me know how I can serve you.




It's easy enough to find violence in this world.  We've tried that policy for decades and it's earned us decades of stagnation.  Let's try a new approach to world leadership.



Our government has lost sight of who it serves and how it serves them.  We need ethical government leaders acting as true civil servants in order to bring real change to this country.


#Quality of Life

Policy making needs to be based on net social benefit, not net profit to corporate stakeholders.  It's time to stop protecting old, outdated, counter-productive policy and focus on our future.